discovering the heart of Oman

Salut Museum



GP00 at the time of the discovery (IMTO archive).

GP00 at the end of the excavation, looking N-W (IMTO archive).

SS2 - GP00
This structure is strikingly similar to G13 and was noted during earlier surveys along the gentle western slope of the small hills line facing Salut from the east.
Excavation confirmed it to be another possible ‘stone-cist’ grave, comprising a series of large when not huge, roughly parallelepiped boulders laid on their longer and narrower sides, and arranged in a way so as to form a double chamber, with a central dividing wall
Unfortunately, no human remains or artefact of any sort were found inside it, due to substantial disturbance, which included the removal of its southwestern corner. This probably occurred as a consequence of the establishment of a small Islamic graveyard on the lower slope immediately adjacent to GP00.
Also for this grave interesting is the choice for the graves location, standing in a position that undoubtedly links it with the plain rather than with the hill slope.