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Salut Museum


Jar with applied decoration

Large jar from Salut (IMTO archive)

Salut, ST1, main ditch (US177)
Muscat, Office of the Adviser to HM the Sultan for Cultural Affairs
Ceramics; rim D 28, max D 67.8, H 70
Bronze Age: 2400-2000 BC
This large jar was found completely smashed near the bottom of the main ditch that surrounds ST1 tower, in a safe Bronze Age context.
It is the only one of his kind found at the site, and in Central Oman as well. The fabric neatly differs from those common at the site, and the applied ridge decoration also is remarkably unique. In particular, no parallel is known in Oman for the dagger/spearhead visible on the upper part of the body. Possible, vague comparison can be found in southeastern Iran, but so far a local production can not be excluded. (MdE)